About us

Brushing is a modern manufacturing company founded in 2009. Our production is located in Smolensk, Russia.

At Brushing we specialize in producing brushes and plastic products at affordable prices, providing the best value for your money.

We are constantly expanding the range of products by purchasing the most modern equipment and creating new molds. The range of our products includes cleaning brushes, scoops, buckets, basins, boxes and baskets for organization and storage, as well as flower pots.

We are proud of our team of specialists who ensure a clear organization of production processes.

We care about our customers. Thus, flexibility and optimization of customer expenses are our main priorities in building long-term relationships with our clients. Our products meet all widely-accepted quality and safety standards in Russia.


Our Team

We are proud of our team of specialists who ensure a smooth and ever-developing production process.


Sergey determines the overall strategy of the company. He makes decisions at the highest level and performs representative duties.


Olga manages the sales, procurement, logistics, and pricing policy of the company.

Chief Engineer

Ivan is responsible for the smooth operation of the equipment at the production site. He is also responsible for the quality of products, the use of new technologies, and upholding safety at the production site.

Production Director

Galina is responsible for setting up the production plan. She selects and plans on which machine your products will be produced and plans the shipment.

Workshop Manager

Natalia ensures the fulfilment of production tasks, rhythmic production of high-quality products.

Shift Masters

These are the full-fledged managers at their production site. They control the work of all the workers of the brigade during the shift.

Equipment adjusters

Equipment adjusters monitor the technological process of production and adjust the equipment. In other words, they do everything to ensure that products are made quickly and efficiently.


Toolmakers manufacture and repair molds and technological equipment. Sometimes they even repair machines! All metalworking in our production is in their hands.


Our accountants manage the documents, prepare and send accounting and tax reports.

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